26th February 2019


  • New identity signals renewed commitment to brands globally
  • Brand Reputation through Compliance unveiled as new BRCGS signature
  • BRCGS passes 28,000 certificated sites mark worldwide


BRCGS, the world’s most rigorous supply chain assurance programme, is unveiling a new visual identity and brand signature at the GFSI Conference in Nice (26-28 February).

With a heritage in British retail BRCGS has evolved over the past 20 years into a range of global standards, helping manufacturers, retailers and food service companies meet demanding quality and safety criteria.

BRCGS standards are now applied at over 28,000 certificated sites in more than 130 countries.

“Our new visual identity is much more than a new logo,” said Mark Proctor, Chief Executive, BRCGS “It signals a renewed commitment to brands globally and sets the scene for a range of new tools to help customers reassure all their stakeholders.

“The new signature – Brand Reputation through Compliance – captures our mission to improve brand confidence through rigorous supply chain assurance.”

Supported by a robust and expanding compliance team BRCGS has been at the forefront of standards development for more than two decades. It offers the most comprehensive and rigorous approach to standards delivery underpinning trust and confidence throughout the supply chain.

Against a climate of rising consumer and investor consciousness, tech-enabled transparency, and growing supply chain complexity, BRCGS is evolving so that manufacturers, brand owners and retailers can maintain faith in their products.  Developments include:

  • Ethical Trade and Responsible Sourcing standard - It will be one of the first ethical standards to achieve the Consumer Goods Forum’s Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative Benchmark Criteria.
  • Digital tools - BRCGS recognises the power of digital platforms and tools to deepen understanding of its standards and drive compliance and transparency. With its technology partner Trace One, BRCGS will offer access to Trace One Network and Insight.
  • Gluten-free and Plant-based - In 2018, BRCGS acquired Allergen Control Group, owner and operator of the Gluten Free Certification Programme. Under the BRCGS umbrella the trademark now has a truly global platform from which to establish itself. Also, in development is the first internationally recognised Plant-Based Certification Programme.
  • Packaging & Sustainability - In August 2019, Issue 6 of the BRCGS Packaging Standard will be introduced which places more emphasis on product safety and quality culture. A new module is in development that reflects the need to control plastics in the environment.
  • Food Safety Culture - In partnership with Taylor Shannon International (TSI) BRCGS has developed an assessment of food safety culture, which demonstrates the role company culture plays in creating an effective and responsive food safety and manufacturing environment and the link between culture and audit success.
  • Small businesses - Recognising that not all sites are at a stage where it is appropriate or practical to adopt the Food Safety Standard in full, the BRCGS START! programme has been developed to facilitate and encourage the development of food safety systems in smaller sites.


Accepted and specified by more global brand owners than any other scheme, BRCGS was the first food safety standard to be GFSI benchmarked. With 185,000 non-compliances identified and corrected every year BRCGS is constantly innovating to create a quality eco-system embracing digital tools, publishing, training, certification and events.




At BRCGS, we champion the highest quality. Improving trust in supply chains, through rigorous application of our Standards, we deliver products and services with global relevance and industry expertise. BRCGS is the trusted validation that strengthens Brand, Reputation through Compliance.

BRCGS: Improving trust in your supply chain


For more information please visit www.brcgs.com

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