As we move into a second global lockdown, there are still significant restrictions within the supply chain and we are now faced with the first wave of certificate extensions expiring in a traditionally busy period for delivery partners. BRCGS recognizes there are challenges in auditor availability and site accessibility to deliver BRCGS certifications.

Working together as an industry we can ensure the continued high level of product safety BRCGS has always provided for you and continue to protect the consumer and brand.

Together with our International Advisory Boards in North America and Europe, BRCGS would like to provide some further guidance to help manage the audit backlog. We understand there are logistical challenges and want to help and support you wherever possible.

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Covid-19 Güncelleme – Tedarikçiler için BRCGS denetimlerinin önceliklendirilmesi ve risk yönetimi (Türkçe)                      

Aggiornamento sul Covid-19 - Definizione delle priorità e gestione del rischio negli audit BRCGS ai fornitori (Italiano)

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