Food safety matters released a recent podcast with John G. Keogh, a strategist, advisor, and management science researcher. It covered some relevant topics and ideas including: 

  • The effect of supply chain disruption due to Covid-19
  • Leadership –using the rule of “speed over accuracy” to make timely decisions
  • Borders closing means migrant workers are not available to work on farms, which leads to spoiled crops and no raw materials to distribute
  • Repacking food that was originally meant to go to food service to get out to retail. Alternative ways to repack and label?
  • Industry needs to be able to work together - how can competitors collaborate to share inventory?
  • Businesses / factories need to make decisions on what they should produce. Simplification – if there are multiple versions of the same product, temporarily reduce to one version to utilize staff and ingredients efficiently
  • Cold chain may not be followed in an effort to move volume quickly
  • FDA not sending inspectors abroad, companies are not sending their auditors abroad. We may have products coming in that are not inspected or not tested properly. Laboratory staff may be restricted as well, therefore less testing.


Listen to the podcast.