Manufacturing sites starting to resume operations are faced with enforced changes in workplace environments, potential labour shortages through absence, and disruptions in their normal supply chains. Some sites will be busier than ever with additional demand, while others will need to pivot to introduce new product lines. These conditions are placing additional pressure on sites and stretching operations, which can impact on food safety compliance.

The Food Safety Culture module enables sites to capture data on food safety capability and health and safety management. It can therefore be a valuable management tool as sites look to ramp up production, while quality assurance levels are fully maintained. Demonstrating a strong culture can also be an important factor as brand look for additional assurances from their suppliers.

In times of crisis, culture is more important than ever. Potential cracks in your culture can become much wider, and so now is an important time to look at the tools you can access to support your recovery. As Operations resume, leadership, communication and empowerment are key.

A short webinar, produced by our partners TSI, provides some quick tips on how this tool can be used to manage the heightened risks we are currently faced with.


Leadership plays an essential role in your food safety culture. Leaders set out your food safety goals and provide focus to keep everyone on track to achieve success. Leaders need to develop communication plans to deliver food safety expectations to employees and share food safety culture initiatives from the top of the organization.

Communication must be are clear, effective, memorable and personable so that no one is left behind. This is essential as you introduce changing workplace protocols around hygiene and sanitation. Providing frequent, clear, memorable messages out in a fast and effective manner is vital in helping to manage things at this time.

Empowerment may not seem like the most obvious aspect of your culture to bring up at this time, but it plays a crucial role. Empowered employees will challenge each other when they see incorrect behaviour and act with authority when it is needed. Having empowered employees also means you can rely on them to do the right thing.

A short webinar, produced by our partners TSI, shows how this tool can be used to manage the heightened risks we are faced with.

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