We are delighted that Co-op is supporting our Plant-Based Standard for high risk vegan suppliers. These suppliers are treated as higher risk due to the risk of cross-contamination and use of shared lines.

The BRCGS Plant-Based certification programme is a science-based management system approach that provides a framework for manufacturers to assist them in the production of vegan products. It includes operational criteria that ensures that plant-based products are free of material of animal origin.

The need for universally recognised plant-based standards is driven by a growing number of consumers seeking to protect the environment and animal welfare, and eat a diet that does not have a negative impact on their health. However consumers want reassurance that the choices they make are valid, and retailers need assurance from their suppliers that products have not been contaminated with animal products during the manufacturing process.

BRCGS certification is a proactive and a proven way of reducing risk and creating greater brand confidence. It provides an evaluation of the end-to-end process onsite is needed to ensure suppliers are managing the whole process correctly, thereby ensuring the absence of animal inputs in plant-based products, in the manufacturing, processing and packing of processed foods, ingredients used, pet foods and natural health products.

The BRCGS Standard is supporting the Co-op to meet the growing demand for its vegan range of products, while protecting its brand reputation and mitigating risk.

Learn how the standard can be combined with your food safety audit.