Consumers need to have access to safe and high quality food. Foods such as dairy products, olive oil, honey, herbs and spices, meat and fish have historically been the target of fraud because of their high commercial value.

The prevention of fraud and promotion of pure/authentic products is vital to guarantee commercial success of products on the market and thus to protect business and of course, consumers. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a dramatic increase in food fraud events, including an 800% increase for honey and other sweeteners events.

Fraudsters are more technologically savvy and increasingly using more sophisticated approaches to adulterate food, making it more difficult to detect the fraud. This means that a wider range of methods are required in the analytical toolkit used to combat food fraud including new approaches and technologies.

Measurement results of high quality are vital to inform risk assessments and enable the design of programmes to help secure global food supply chains and protect consumers and legitimate businesses from food fraud.

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