BRCGS is excited to announce the introduction of a new series of events, known as BRCGS Connect.

BRCGS Connect is designed to bring together industry professionals globally through a series of local events held in key locations around the world. We aim to connect locally with our partners, specifiers and manufacturing facilities to learn, network and share best practice in a familiar face-to-face environment.

BRCGS Connect will provide a platform for discussion around current trends and challenges in the industry, and the associated solutions, as we all work together towards supply chain transparency and assurance. It will also provide a unique opportunity to build your connections and expand your local network of like-minded people.

BRCGS Connect brings a new learning and networking experience to the BRCGS event portfolio, and replaces the well-known Food Safety Americas conference. Michelle Tindale, Director of Performance Enhancement, said: “We are excited to launch this new series of events. The last few years have meant many changes for all of us and the Events industry is no different. We are eager to ensure we are delivering a service to our customers globally that is tailored to their needs, and brings the richness of our content and partner network to a location near you, and importantly facilitating connections with key players in the industry. With 32,000 customers operating across 130 countries, we will provide local support across a truly global network. I look forward to meeting you soon”.

BRCGS is coming to you!

The first BRCGS Connect event has been confirmed. It will take place in Toronto, Canada, on 15-16 June 2023. We are really excited for the opportunity to meet with local professionals in the Toronto area and we are currently planning a full agenda of insightful content.

If you would like to join us for the for first ever BRCGS Connect event, you can find more information on how to book on our Events page

We also have plans to bring BRCGS Connect to Texas later in 2023.