At BRCGS, we’re committed to preserving our reputation as the global market leader in retail safety. Our comprehensive compliance programme is a cornerstone of everything BRCGS does and stands for. It ensures that all of the global standards we champion are being met and can be trusted by brands and consumers alike.

Our latest details the activities and investment we have made in the last 12 months to ensure that we continue to deliver results that brands can trust. This includes improving our 5 layers of compliance with the launch of Horizon, our digital platform that provides detailed analysis of audit data and trends, and reviewing and monitoring delivery partner and auditor performance.

We also report on two independent research papers that provide evidence in the value of BRCGS certification programmes. One paper, using data from the Dutch Food Safety Regulator, demonstrates that BRCGS certified sites demonstrate greater compliance with regulation, while the other confirmed the commercial, operational and innovation benefits of BRCGS programmes.

We also report on the work carried out to ensure that our programmes are benchmarked by the Consumer Goods Forum’s GFSI and SSCI.

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