We are sad to say goodbye today to a valued colleague, Mark Proctor, SVP LGC ASSURE and CEO of BRCGS between 2013 – 2020. After a long career in the food industry, we wish Mark a happy retirement spending time with his family and no doubt the odd Manchester United match!

Mark‘s wealth of management and operational experience in the global food and consumer product safety and quality assurance industries, provided an ideal backdrop for him to lead BRCGS. He guided the business to have the leading global food safety standard, as well as extending its influence along the supply chain to cover packaging, storage and distribution and non-food items. More recently, BRCGS has worked with industry to respond to evolving drivers such as free-form and ethical standards.     

We thank Mark for his leadership, drive and innovation which has seen BRCGS develop into the business it is today.

Michael Wilson, who replaces Mark as LGC ASSURE’s SVP, said: “Mark has been an amazing mentor to me and I will try to put to good use the values and lessons he has instilled, not just in me but in LGC ASSURE. Although Mark is retiring, his legacy remains as we build our capabilities under the LGC ASSURE umbrella to connect the dots of supply chain assurance”.