The Environmental, Social and Governance report of our wider parent group, LGC, has been published today for the year ended 31 March 2022. It underlines our commitment to support the ESG agenda by highlighting the many important activities that we are already doing, but it also sets out the scale of the challenge and where we must continue to do more. Our approach focuses on the topics which we have identified as mattering most to our continued commercial success and ability to drive shareholder value, our stakeholder relationships and how we fulfil our role in wider society.

This year we have continued to expand the breadth and depth of our reporting, with data relating to:

  • ​Our people – including employee numbers, employee well-being and diversity;
  • Environmental performance – including energy, greenhouse gas emissions, hazardous waste, water;
  • Responsible business practices – including health and safety, quality, responsible procurement, business ethics and cyber security.


BRCGS, which is part of LGC ASSURE, plays a critical role in supporting the delivery of our ambitious ESG goals and targets which is made possible through the drive, commitment, and dedication of our people. We also play an important role in supporting our customers in their commitment to responsible business. Our offerings such ESG LEAD, Ethical Trading and Responsible Sourcing Standards, Environmental Proficiency Testing schemes, endorsement marks in sports supplements and surveillance screens in human drug and animal sports testing, are embedded within our customers’ products and operations and support their ESG goals.