BRCGS is excited to report that the very first certification in India has been awarded against the BRCGS Plant-Based Global Standard.

Established in 2008, Regal Kitchen Food provides ready-to-eat meal products across 11 countries serving both B2B customer and everydau consumers. Their product range features brands such as Eat Regal, Pasta Zing, Delhi Kitchen, Regal Kitchen and Reganic.

Speaking of their achievement, Regal Kitchen Food said: “As a leading supplier that always aims for high quality vegetarian pre-packed food for our consumers, it is our honour to receive the first BRCGS Plant-Based Certification in Asia from Eurofins Food Assurance India. This certification allows us to build even greater trust with our consumers, and the market-recognised label allows us to stand out in a competitive market. It was a very smooth process by partnering with the Eurofins team as they are highly professional”.

As the certification body to award this first-time certification in India, Eurofins Food Assurance India commented: “We are very delighted to issue the first BRCGS Plant-Based Certification in Asia to Regal Kitchen Foods, delivering the much-needed confidence that the fast-growing plant-based population in India is looking for. The BRGCS team in India was very helpful in providing support to us in this first-ever certification, and the work with Regal Kitchen Foods is also very great. We are very impressed by their high standard of quality and compliance, as well as the strong commitment in bringing plant-based food to consumers”.  

The market for plant based certification is growing rapidly and is forecast to reach $74bn by 2027. This is being driven by the rise of the conscientious consumer seeking healthier diets with lower environmental impact, or are more ethically sourced. There is a need for greater transparency about claims made and for robust systems and processes in place to enable brand owners to build consumer trust.

The BRCGS Plant-Based certification programme is based on a comprehensive management system approach and provides a framework for manufacturers to assist them in the production of plant-based food.

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