PAK GIDA - Düzce Factory became the first company in Turkey to be certified under the BRCGS Plant-based standard!

As of 2021, we continue to support you with audit and training services with our subject matter experts by taking the BRCGS Plant-Based Global Standard into our service scope.
The popularity of plant-based food has been gathering momentum. This reflects a growing sense of unease amongst some consumers over the impact of modern industrial farming methods on the environment, animal welfare practices, and the effects of a predominately meat-based diet on health.

The Standard has been developed in response to a shift in consumer purchasing behavior resulting in the rapidly growing demand for plant-based products. The industry has been challenged to meet consumer demands while protecting brand reputation and mitigating risk. The Standard provides certainty for industry and consumers alike.

In the BRCGS Plant-Based Global Standard, certified sites can offer their customers trademarks on their product’s packaging as proof of certification and verification of being 100% Plant-Based. This offers your customers a competitive advantage in the marketplace to improve their brand’s visibility and build their reputation in the industry.

PAK GIDA ÜRETİM VE PAZARLAMA A. Ş. – Pakmaya Düzce factory successfully completed
the FIRST BRCGS PLANT-BASED Audit in Turkey!

While the production of Plant-based products, one of the new trend topics of the food industry, and the consumer demand and related awareness are increasing daily, PAK GIDA was the FIRST audited company in Turkey in this context.

Having completed the preparation process in a short time, the PAK GIDA ÜRETİM VE PAZARLAMA A. Ş. – Pakmaya Düzce team became the FIRST company to receive the BRCGS Plant-based audit for all the products it produces, together with the BRCGS Food
Safety standard audit.

We would like to thank the whole team for their devoted work, pioneering this innovation, and the sensitivity they have shown with their successful management style. Congratulations!


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