2023 has been a huge year of international growth for the BRCGS Professional programme but there has been one country triumphing with their recent delegate numbers. With over 25 graduates coming through the programme in the last three months alone, Turkey has fast become one of the most popular BRCGS Professional countries in Europe. After boasting the best enrolment-to-graduate rate globally, we wanted to sit down with our BRCGS Representative in Turkey, Evren Efe-Kabagoz, to discuss the recent spike in popularity of the programme, and what this means for the Turkish Food Safety industry.

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About the BRCGS Professional Programme

The BRCGS Professional Programme, exclusively available to BRCGS certificated sites, is a globally recognised holistic learning and development programme which covers the core skills and behaviours required to implement and maintain BRCGS Standards within your site.

BRCGS Professional provides individuals with a unique opportunity for professional development with global recognition. With a global network of over 13,000 industry professionals from more than 130 countries, making it one of the largest Product Safety Management communities in the world, it opens new networking channels to ensure up-to-date knowledge when it comes to product management best practice.

The programme is made up of industry-leading BRCGS training across all Standards, Hazard and Risk Management and Product Safety Management, with the aim of creating dynamic leaders that improve brand and customer confidence to help your business gain a competitive advantage. BRCGS Professional is endorsed by a growing number of retailers seeking to drive quality in their supply chain.

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