We strive to support our partners during this difficult time, therefore we are currently allowing virtual training to be delivered in a concession basis, by application, while face to face sessions are not able to take place. In order to maintain quality of delivery, such concessions are approved on a course by course basis and on the basis that:

  • An appropriate platform is used that enables, audio, polling and functionality as a very basic requirement
  • Customers are informed that currently course material is designed for face to face delivery and as such are not ideal for the virtual setting.


BRCGS Virtual Training Program

We are pleased to confirm that we have initiated the roll-out of our BRCGS Virtual Training Program. We have communicated to all Approved Training Partners this information and have invited them to apply to become an Approved Virtual Trainer. Those who are approved will receive our converted material as and when it is released as well as a new logo.

In order to support the continuation of professional development we have updated our BRCGS Assessment Protocol to allow for remote invigilation. Please, read it carefully and should you have any questions please email training@brcgs.com.

We are currently reviewing our Train the Trainer format and will soon be able to offer our ATP’s the possibility of attending the 4th day session separately with its focus entirely on training skills.