Montserrat Castillo Malivern


Complex Caparrella 97, CEEI 1.6

Montse Castillo has a wide experience in food industry and food packaging industry quality and safety assurance. Starting after graduation from Chemistry and Chemical Engineering she focused on the research and characterization of non-identified neither expected micropollutants coming to food from migration and other phenomena. She was awarded the PhD doctoral degree after 5-years research activity on food contact materials. After this, she has worked in food industry for 9 years as a packaging material manager responsible for assuring quality and safety of food packaging. More than 30 2nd party audits against the current BRCGS Packaging version enabled a deep knowledge of the Standard and good practices for its implementation. At 2009 Montse founded her company for packaging consultancy services (RepaQ). Main programs for packaging producers includes: Preliminar GAP analysis and design of an action program to gain the Global Packaging Standard (time and cost estimation for certification); Design, development and implementation of HACCP program and Quality & Safety Systems (and related documentation), Mentoring during the pre-certification and the certification process, tailor-made training programs. Since December 2014 Montse has been coordinating the unique Master degree program in Packaging Technology in Spain (MPM at IQS Executive).