Navneet Kumar (Dr)


United Arab Emirates

E&E: Hold master’s degree in Food Technology, PhD in Food Defense and Packaging, Director of Food Safety & Knowledge at BISCE Certification Dubai, India. Awarded for holding highest certificates in Food Safety, Food Technology in World Book of Record, Year 2022, India Book of Record, Year 2022. 

Skill-1 BRCGS Approved Training Partner, 20 years’ experience, assess sites to upgrade and maintain AA-grade. Specialist in implementation of BRCGS systems from scratch; training, implementing HACCP, TACCP, VACCP V&V; Process Validation, recall management; complaint-RCA and incident investigations; environmental monitoring, internal audit, and supplier assurance risk assessments.

Skill-2 Approved Trainer for PCQI- PCHF, Canada Food Handler Certification, Canada Advance Food Safety Certification, GMP, HACCP, TACCP, VACCP & BRCGS Food safety Lead Auditor course

Skill-3 Approved Auditor for product & process certification. Provides support and services for second party audits/ internal audit/ gap assessment in obedience with BRCGS Food Safety, Consumer Products, Storage and Distribution, Agent & Broker, FSMA, Global G.A.P., GMP, FSSC22000, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 22716 Global G.A.P., IOIA Organic inspection.

Skill-4 Expert in advance food processing technologies, HPP, UHT, Aseptic packaging, thermal processing, canning, retorting, emulsification, spray drying, Smoking, CAS-MAS, freezing, blanching, baking, extrusion, refining, hydrogenation, hydroponics, vertical faming, RO, filtration, lamination,

Skill-5 Specialist in multiple food chain categories such as fresh products, process packed long life/ sort life product, ingredients, biochemical, dairy, beverages, and food packaging material etc.