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Category Learning Module - Dairy, Liquid Egg

  • Aimed: Auditors, Internal audit personnel, Current BRCGS Auditors, Those interested in becoming a BRCGS Auditor

  • Recognition: Industry recognised

Course Description

BRCGS have for some time developed and delivered auditor competency requirements and assessment criteria for each of the product categories.  Core technical knowledge sets are required for most categories and product specific knowledge.

The BRCGS Category 7 Learning Module provides an overview of category 7 products, thermal processes, food safety issues, and controls, which will be assessed in the category exam. The course may additionally be used by Certification Bodies to calibrate auditors in category 7 to ensure their knowledge is relevant and up-to-date. ​

Sites and retailers can benefit from this course by using it as introductory training for technical and quality staff to enhance their knowledge of dairy products, pasteurisation and high-risk/ high-care principles. ​

It can further be utilised as instructional training for global markets sites to support the development of a certified BRCGS food safety and quality management system.

To accommodate the diversity of category 7 products and provide a clear overview of thermal processing, this course is arranged into 5 modules, which will cover:​

  • Raw milk collection and receiving
  •  Thermal processing and equipment​
  • Other dairy products such as butter, yogurt and cheese
  • Process differences and UHT pasteurisation for fruit juices and non-dairy milks such as soya and nut milks
  • And lastly, cleaning principles for CIP systems


Information for Auditors

If you are an existing auditor working for a certification body please contact them directly for access to this course.

Course Access


All BRCGS eLearning courses are delivered through our Learning Management System, BRCGS Educate. You should receive your login details to access the online course once your purchase has been completed. Please note this information is provided in a separate email to the course booking confirmation email. 

Our ATPs are BRCGS approved trainers who train auditors, sites, consultants and retailers to our requirements and protocols.