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Food Safety Culture Excellence

Food Safety Culture Excellence


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  • Publish Date: 01 January 2021

  • Publisher: BRCGS/TSI

  • Format: FSCE

  • Language: English

  • Format: FSCE

  • Language: English

Company culture is complicated but measuring it and understanding it doesn't have to be. BRCGS has partnered with Taylor Shannon International (TSI), an industry leader in the field of food safety, management, education and organisational culture, to develop BRCGS Food Safety Culture Excellence. This online assessment tool enables any GFSI certificated site to capture cultural data, analyse it and build an action plan for improvement. 

Who is it for?

Culture requirements are a GFSI requirement, as well as an increasing number of regulators. The assessment is applicable to all GFSI certificated sites. There are various tiers depending on the size and complexity of your estate.

What do you get from the report?

Auto-generated digital report featuring 80 data points spanning four categories and 20 dimensions. The data is presented in dashboards which allow you to interrogate and analyse the data. Industry benchmarking data is also included to see how you are performing against your competitors, and it features an action plan template for you to build your plan for improvement.

How do I perform the assessment?

- Purchase the assessment from the BRCGS Store.

- Survey your employees (available in 66 languages).

- Read your report and analyse your data through simple dashboards.

- Set out an improvement plan using the template provided. 

- Follow the plan and strengthen culture within your organisation.

What are the benefits?

Using this tool you can demonstrate you have assessed your food safety and quality culture and as a result have prepared a plan to improve and strengthen culture within your organisation. This is critical for any manufacturing site, your customers and the consumer.

- Enables you to meet emerging regulatory requirements and comply with standard requirements. 

- Provides real insight into staff opinion, attitude, and behaviour.

- A benchmarking tool for multi-site businesses. 

- Complements your existing audit programme with a behaviour-based approach. 

- Strengthens your reputation through a proactive approach to food safety culture.

- Measures the impact of training, systems, and other initiatives, to evaluate return on investment.

How to access the FSCE assessment

There are four different packages for sites to choose to access the FSCE assessment.

1. FSCE Basic

Exclusively available free of charge to BRCGS certificates sites entitled to the service package, this level allows six employee survey respondents and the subsequent assessment report focuses on two dimensions. It will not provide enough data or analysis for a full culture assessment but it will provide valuable insights for you to think about.

2. FSCE Standard

Designed for a single site and includes an auto-generated online reporting of 80+ data points and industry benchmarking

3. FSCE Premium

Designed for multi-site businesses and includes customisation options and workshops.

4. FSCE Enterprise

Full supply chain assessment with industry benchmarking and workshops.


See all FSCE packages and prices or contact us to register your interest and discuss further here.


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