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Global Standard Gluten-Free Issue 4: Auditor Training

  • Standard: Gluten Free

  • Formats Available: Classroom, Virtual Course

  • Duration: 1 day

This training course has been designed for auditors to understand the Global Standard Gluten-Free Issue 4 requirements and to provide guidance on auditing a Gluten-Free Management System, including the optional AOECS module.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Explain what is required to comply with the requirements of Global Standard Gluten-Free Issue 4. 
  • Understand the expectation of the auditors and evidence to be provided to support compliance.
  • Identify different gluten controls that must be implemented as part of a gluten-free management system.
  • Determine suitable gluten-free monitoring, deviation, validation and verification procedures.
  • Describe what to expect from the Gluten-free audit.
  • Recall resource tools available for compliance and support from BRCGS.

Who Should Attend:

  • Existing Gluten-Free Issue 3 auditors.
  • Auditors with a minimum of 5 years’ experience in auditing food safety/quality systems.*

*This may include internal, 2nd party and 3rd party auditing. Pre-requisite criteria includes a valid lead auditor training certificate for any FSMS standard. Auditors employed by a BRCGS-approved certification body who wish to conduct audits against the Standard.

Assessment: 50 question exam; Pass mark 75%. 

Our ATPs are BRCGS approved trainers who train auditors, sites, consultants and retailers to our requirements and protocols.