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Global Standard Gluten-Free (Issue 4)

Global Standard Gluten-Free (Issue 4)

  • SKU: 978-1-78490-484-5

  • Publish Date: 05 February 2024

  • Size: A4

  • Publisher: BRCGS

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Originally developed and published in 2012 as the Gluten-Free Certification Program, the Standard has been updated at regular intervals since to reflect best practice, and to encourage adoption worldwide. The Standard provides a framework for manufacturers to assist them in the production of gluten-free products which comply with legal requirements globally and to meet customers’ requirements.

Certification against the Standard is recognised globally by many retailers, coeliac associations, food service companies, procurement companies, and manufacturers when assessing the capabilities of their suppliers.

The Standard has been developed to promote a systems approach to prevent gluten contamination or failures that could harm the public. Correctly applied, a site’s gluten-free management system will provide a robust level of protection from failure, and if failure does occur, it will enable the rapid identification and management of risks and deviations.

The format and content of the Standard is designed to allow an assessment of a company’s premises, operational systems and procedures by a competent third party – the certification body – against the requirements of the Standard.


It is a requirement that all suppliers undergoing a BRCGS audit to the Global Standard Gluten-free (Issue 4) have access to an official copy of the Standard. Companies must comply with all modules to achieve certification.


Please make sure you are ordering the format you want before you press 'add to basket'.


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