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Guideline on Sampling and Testing for Gluten

Guideline on Sampling and Testing for Gluten

  • SKU: 978-1-78490-492-0

  • Publish Date: 30 April 2024

  • Size: A4

  • Publisher: BRCGS

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Sampling procedures and testing methods have a significant impact on gluten testing results. The guideline provides an overview of best practices for developing sampling plans and testing protocols to detect gluten in a wide variety of foods and on environmental surfaces.

The guide will aid sites in the development of a sampling plan that details how to test incoming materials, environmental surfaces, and finished products. An appropriate sampling plan must be developed based on risk assessment which will help manufacturers to determine adequate parameters needed to support a gluten-free management system.

Who should use this publication?

The publication is aimed at sites who are certified to, or are seeking certification to BRCGS Global Standard Gluten-Free.

Please note, this title comes in PDF format only.

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