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  • SKU: Horizon

  • SideDescription: Monitor and measure your performance

BRCGS’s certification programmes generate a wealth of data that can be used to inform performance and trends, and provide actionable insight to improve performance and risk management.

With over 45 million data points, Horizon gives you essential supply chain insights, analysed and reviewed through a range of commercial and technical dashboards, and visual displays.

Horizon has been built for maximum supply chain insights through penetration into audit data, making it an ideal tool for:

✓ Brands – seeking to monitor and understand the performance of their own sites and supplier sites. The ability to monitor key metrics and KPIs against performance measures, identify trends and areas of risk, and track and monitor audit timings.

✓ Certification Bodies – the ability to manage your customers, analyse and review auditor performance, and interrogate both technical and commercial data.

✓ Certificated Sites - the ability to benchmark and review performance against peers, identify trends and areas of risk or opportunity, and share data with your customers.

Horizon is an essential tool to review and analyse the performance of your own sites and your wider supply network. It will allow you to:

✓ Monitor Performance trends - full visibility of performance, non-conformance trends and areas of weakness.

✓ Benchmark – compare performance across your sites and your supply network

✓ Visibility – the ability to access, track and analyse data across your sites and your supply network providing actionable intelligence

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