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Safefood 360° RISK

Safefood 360° RISK

  • SKU: Safefood 360° RISK

  • Description: Data insights and reporting for critical food safety, fraud and sustainability information

  • Solution: Reporting and analytics

RISK is the latest product from Safefood 360°, a leading supplier of Food Safety Management Software.


Who can use RISK?

Safefood 360° RISK allows sites and operations to make business-critical decisions using food safety data. Created for risk assessors, auditors and retailers, it allows you to conduct more comprehensive risk assessments.

What you can access in RISK?

Use your own products, hazards and material scores to identify emerging global trends that may affect you

Risk assess your suppliers and products using reliable data sets and analytical methods – out of the box

Quickly profile your products, materials, ingredients, and suppliers against food safety and governance indicator data

Tailored business intelligence, analytics, KPI dashboards and automatic reporting to your team for Enterprise uses

Would you like to find out more?

If you would like to find out more about RISK before making your purchase, you read discover all of the features and capabilities on our RISK pages here.

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