Euplio Cacciola



Euplio is a Food technologist and started to work as free-lance consultant since 1997 in various food and packaging sectors special attention to fruit and vegetables, fish products and bakery products for the implementation of quality standard/HACCP and distribution private guidelines.  He has various experience in development of new products (jam, dried fruit cream and pesto, fish products). For several years was an inspector for Organic standards (CE, NOP, JAS and Biosuisse). In packaging sector assisted, as consultant, various company for implementation of quality and safety standard in the sector of metal forming, rigid and flexible plastics. In 2008 started to work as auditor for BRC/IFS and GlobalGap standards and considering the extensive experience as trainer in numerous HACCP official courses about ten years ago apply to become an ATP BRC for Food standard. More recently added the ATP Qualification for Agent and Brokers, Packaging Materials (after to obtaining in 2019 a formal training qualification as Packaging auditor) and Storage and Distribution standards. Apart the engagement in numerous training activities he is an auditor for food safety and other BRCGS standards, chain of custody, sustainability and ethics standards.