Join the Public Consultation Process for revising Issue 3

The revision and evolution of our Standards are at the heart of our work. By reviewing our standards, we can ensure that they incorporate latest industry trends and operations, practical experiences and best practices from industry. The revision process enables us to take into account the changing expectations, regulatory requirements and consumer needs. It provides the opportunity to build on the value that our customers and stakeholders gain from the use of our Standards. There has been a year-on-year increase in the recognition of the Standard, and there are currently 600 certificated businesses.

An important next step in the development of the Global Standard for Agents & Brokers Issue 3 is an extensive consultation to understand stakeholders’ requirements and views on the draft proposals. We are delighted to announce that this consultation period 3 is now open and we welcome your feedback.

The consultation document has been developed and reviewed by working groups made up of international stakeholders representing agents & brokers, retailers, food service companies, brand owners, certification bodies and independent technical experts. 

Stakeholders are encouraged to consider the details within this document and provide feedback on both the proposed requirements and the audit protocol, by email, to using the feedback form. 

The closing date for submission of feedback is 28th February 2021. 

This draft is for the purposes of consultation only and the requirements and protocol are subject to change.  

Download Feedback Form

Download Draft Standard

Proposed Timetable

As with all revisions of our Global Standards, there must be a transition period between consultation, publication of the complete, finalised Standard and full implementation of the Standard. Therefore:

  • Issue 3 will be published in October 2021 
  • Certification against Issue 3 will commence from 1st April 2022.  


All certificates issued against audits carried out prior to this date will be against Issue 2 and be valid for the period specified on the certificate.