Integrity forms the cornerstone of certification, which is why BRCGS pioneered its Compliance Programme sixteen years ago.

In this time the programme has developed significantly therefore to align with our values and to better reflect the hard work that the team does, the Compliance Programme will now become Certification Integrity. In addition, this will futureproof this vital area of the business to ensure it continues to add value and provide confidence in BRCGS certification as the industry evolves.


The Certification Integrity team at BRCGS consists of:

  • Karen Betts as Head of Certification Integrity
  • Ritu Bajaj as Certification Integrity Audit Manager
  • Anna Malek Woznica as Certification Integrity Technical Manager


Our global team of auditors will now become known as BRCGS Integrity Auditors. If you have any questions, you can contact the team on their new mailbox address:

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