Monitor, scan and report on risk in your supply chain

Risk Report:

The risk report allows food safety businesses, retailers and auditors to un a risk and governance assessment on a food business using publicly available data sets. In a matter of seconds, you will obtain a comparative risk profile for a supplier.

The risk report allows you to select and find risk indicators by selecting the product and country of origin and filtering the data by hazard or time range. The tool will analyse the data to provide a percentile rating for both governance and food safety risk data using World Bank and EU RASFF data (FDA to come). The risk report also allows for a blended risk profile to assist in overall risk assessment of the supplier and can be defined over a certain time frame to provide supplier trends.

Risk Scanner:

The risk scanner is ideal for identifying new and emerging food safety issues globally based on pre-defined criteria and will identify trends relating to your supply chain and products.

Risk Monitor:

The risk monitor it part of the tool which monitors various data sources and posts them right in the user dashboard for further evaluation. The Updates component of this tool posts relevant events that can be quickly reviewed. The configurable workflow component is where users can conduct a formal assessment of the issue and, from there, create additional workflows if needed such as non-conformances, corrective actions, recalls or internal discussions.