Core Specifications to Protect Your Core

Constantly updating to comply with GFSI and global regulations, the Supplier Quality Management Soltuion has six core specification modules to benefit your food business:

✓ Supply Chain Mapping & Intelligence: allows all sized companies to map, in seconds, their supply chain and immediately drill down into detail each entity to its current status and any open or pending issues.

✓ Supplier Assessment: Allows both pre and full, completely configurable, assessment workflows to align with what works best for your team. Pre-assessment allows for initial enegagement to determine if supply chain entities sould be fully assessed, saving valuable time and resources.

✓ Supplier Auditing: Contains a full supplier auditing solution to be conducted online or by your auditing team in person with configurable checklists and scorecards that allow for corrective actions to be managed directly through the portal.

✓ Supplier Monitoring & Performance: Automates the data you require to monitor the performance of your supply chain in real time. The built-in BI platform provides valuable analytical dashboards for suppliers, products and material entities. The embedded self-service tool allows you to extract your data best for your team.

✓ Supplier Portal: Using the portal allows you to collaborate and communicate directly with your suppliers to collect the necessary data and documents needed to make a full assessment while also directly managing supplier audits, corrective actions, complaints, notifications, recalls and incidents.

✓ Supplier Incoming & Receiving: allows suppliers in the portal to precheck their deliveries and allows your team to then conduct a full inspection at the receiving stage against your specific requirements.