Confidential reporting

Given the importance of safety in the sectors covered by our Standards, and its associated impact on consumer trust, the implementation of an effective confidential reporting system is clearly a worthwhile investment and is now a requirement of several of our Global Standards.

We've recently published a white paper outlining four steps to an effective whistleblowing system, which you may find helpful if:

  • you're in the process of selecting a confidential reporting solution to comply with Issue 8 of the Global Standard for Food Safety or Issue 1 of the Global Standard for Ethical Trade and Responsible Sourcing;
  • you're thinking about a change of provider; or
  • you just want to make your existing system better.

How we can help

With our partner Got Ethics we provide a technically advanced, secure and
cost-effective confidential reporting and case management solution which improves accessibility and increases take-up.

As part of your overall governance, risk and compliance programme, our confidential reporting system helps you to ensure you stay on the right side of compliance through open feedback.

Our solution:

  • provides an easy and effective means for your employees and third parties to securely report ethical issues;
  • supports your investigations; and
  • delivers valuable insights to inform your planning.

Download the product brochure to find out more and contact us to arrange a FREE demonstration.

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