Improve reputation with your customers

Sites and operations around the world are already benefiting from the BRCGS Packaging Materials standard, with industry adoption and use of the standard increasing by 10% year-on-year. Now, there are over 6,000 certificated sites in over 50 countries.

So, why are so many sites becoming BRCGS Packaging Materials certificated? A key reason is that it specifies the product safety, quality and operational criteria, so a site or operation can fulfil its obligations, from legal compliance through to protection of the consumer.

Independent research, carried out by the University of Birkbeck, demonstrates that organisations operating to BRCGS standards improve food safety, operational efficiency, commercial growth, improved profitability and broad-based innovation.

BRCGS Packaging Materials also helps packaging companies to adapt to changing market forces. Through continuous revisions, BRCGS helps to support in the drive for sustainable and environmental-friendly packaging, changing packaging technology solutions, offline to e-commerce and direct to consumer, plus the control of allergens. 


Protect your company reputation, brand and image


Evidence shows that BRCGS certification results in greater regulatory compliance


Market access as BRCGS certification is the leading global standard recognised by retailers and specifiers


Get access to the BRCGS Service Package, a comprehensive suite of tools to improve performance


Compliance with a standard that is in line with GFSI requirements