Join a food safety programme supported by big retailers

The START! programme gives small food producers the opportunity to demonstrate recognised stepping stones towards eventual certification to the full Food Safety Global Standard. For this reason, it has the full support of leading retailers as it provides them assurance about the food safety systems your operation has established. The end result? Smaller producers like you can get their products on shelves of big retailers.  

Independent research, carried out by the University of Birkbeck, demonstrates that organisations operating to BRCGS standards improve food safety, operational efficiency, commercial growth, improved profitability and broad-based innovation.


There are two levels of certification to suit your size, maturity and need


It is fully aligned with Food Safety Issue 9 and provides a clear roadmap to full certification


It requires completion of corrective actions on any non-conformities before certification, reducing the need for customers to follow up audit reports


Public listing on BRCGS Directory, the tool that brands and retailers use for supplier selection


Improve brand reputation through the use of BRCGS logos to promote your products