Performance reviews for certification bodies

There are strict rules laid down which detail the responsibilities of the certification body and auditors.

The BRCGS Compliance team make sure these rules and regulations are followed by carrying out formal performance reviews of certification bodies every six months (normally in January and July).

During this review we look at five key areas:

  • Quality of written audit reports: we review a sample.
  • Compliance to protocols: how audits are carried out and reported.
  • Auditor registration and compliance training, experience and competence requirements.
  • How quickly the audit data is uploaded to the BRCGS Directory.
  • Communication with the BRCGS Compliance team.

All approved certification bodies are listed on the BRCGS Directory.

Ratings and continuous improvement

We also award a performance rating for each certification body based on their service performance. This rating reflects the overall management of the BRCGS certification scheme by the certification body head office, rather than an individual auditor or audit.

The aim of this performance rating is to encourage continuous improvement for each certification body.

5 stars = Excellent

4 stars = Good

3 stars = Satisfactory

2 stars = Service improvement required

1 star = Unsatisfactory

Rating pending = Certification bodies that have not undertaken enough audits in the period to be rated.

Certification bodies can also be searched for by performance rating in the BRCGS Directory.

If you have feedback or information to help us ensure the certification schemes are working in practice, or for further details of compliance activities please contact us.