The BRCGS Leaders of Tomorrow is an event to recognise the future leaders of our industry. Our inspirational speakers are purposefully selected to give attendees a unique perspective on navigating the world and overcoming challenges.

We are delighted that both Prof Bizhan Pourkomailian, Global Director, Food Safety, Restaurant & Distribution at McDonald's and Selvarani Elahi, Deputy Government Chemist, National Laboratories & Science at LGC will be sharing their personal journeys with you and discussing challenges and how they overcome them. The keynote session will be complemented by a session focussing on unleashing your potential hosted by Karen Velasco, Facilitator and executive coach. This practical and interactive session offers an opportunity to tap into your hidden abilities and learn more about the art of coaching. Uncover the secrets to unlocking exceptional performance, not only in yourself but also in those you lead. Gain insights, proven techniques and practical strategies that will help you develop your coaching skills. Whether your goal is to become a more influential leader, maximize your team's productivity, or understand more about what motivates you. Learn how to realise your aspirations and unleash your potential.

Invite your most promising, talented and passionate colleagues to the event at just £80 a person or take advantage of our corporate rate, allowing up to 10 colleagues to attend for just £480.

We would like our Retailers and BRCGS Certificated Sites to Invite your most promising, talented and passionate colleagues to the event, with no cost associated. If you fall into this category and would like to book a place for you and your team please email

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Leaders of Tomorrow Speakers

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Prof. Bizhan Pourkomailian
Global Director
Restaurant & Distribution Food Safety
McDonald’s Corporation

Bizhan holds an Hons. Degree in Biochemistry, PhD in Microbial Physiology from Aberdeen University, MBA from Warwick University and is visiting professor at Cranfield University. 

He moved to McDonald’s Europe in January 2000 as Food Safety Manager overseeing food safety systems across the European Supply Chain from farm to front counter. Since 2015, his role has changed to Global Restaurant and Distribution Food Safety Director.  Bizhan is responsible for establishing, maintaining and driving for continuous improvement in food safety systems which include but no limited to standards and procedures.



Selvarani Elahi MBE
UK Deputy Government Chemist and Executive Director of the Food Authenticity Network

Selvarani has over 25 years’ experience in the analysis of food and agriculture samples working across a variety of policy areas, nationally and internationally, to improve standards in measurement science.

Selvarani is the Executive Director of the Food Authenticity Network (, led by LGC, which is an open access website that gathers information on food authenticity testing, food fraud mitigation and food supply chain integrity, helping to build more resilient food supply chains.



Karen Velasco
Facilitator, trainer and executive coach
Karen is an experienced executive coach and trainer. She’s worked in a variety of leadership, training, and HR roles for over 25 years; helping develop managers and leaders in a variety of organisations including Sainsbury, Lidl and Tesco.


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