Engaging your supply chain

We work with a wide range of stakeholders to develop Global Standards including retailers, Certification Bodies, food manufactures and food services companies. BRC Global Standards help organisations maximise safety management performance, be more efficient, enable greater profitability, as well as supporting ideas and innovation.

We believe that improving manufacturing standards matters. And we see huge potential for BRC Global Standards to power innovation, growth and strengthen safety and legality outcomes. 

If you want to encourage your supply chain to gain BRC certification to ensure manufacturing standards improve, the BRC can provide a range of services to help with managing the process including: 

  • Meetings to discuss the process objectives and pathway to implementation
  • Information packs for your suppliers to assist in gaining certification
  • Access to the BRC Directory to monitor and review customer sites
  • Joint branding of BRC communication material

Find out more about BRC Global Standards by purchasing a copy of the Standard from the BRC Bookshop