Protect your brand with Food Safety Management Solution by Safefood 360

Built against BRCGS requirements, the Food Safety Management solution has optimised modules your business can use for all BRCGS standards you comply against. These modules include:


✓ HACCP, PCP, and Food Safety Plans: Create and easily update robust HACCP and PCP studies which fully align with BRCGS and Codex Alimentarius principles.


✓ BRCGS Management: Maintain and monitor all management activities with instant alerts for Complaints, Corrective Actions, Auditing, Non-conformances, Recalls/Withdrawals, Quality Management, Reviews and Business Processes.


✓ PRP Centre: Conduct all PRPs in one area and have instant oversight of daily Cleaning, Calibration, Training, Traceability, Maintenance, CoPs, and Contamination, Pest, Microbiological and Glass & Plastic Controls.