A range of comprehensive features for Food Safety Management by Safefood 360

Action-Drive Software: Throughout the platform, your team is presented with clear, searchable and filterable grids which allows them to see and find their actions instantly in order to stay on schedule.  

Alerts & Notifications: For any action or result in the platform, users are notified when the work is required, alerted when it is overdue, and escalated to senior management when a significant risk is presented, allowing global businesses to gain maximum oversight with minimal micromanagement.  

Real-Time Auditing of Your System: Our system intelligently monitors events and indicators within your records and data and is able to determine nonconformities without direct input from users.  

Full Document Control Integrated Across the Platform: Our software includes a full document management solution fully integrated into every module allowing you to review, approve, control, disseminate and archive all your business documentation. Procedures and standards can also be embedded into local modules – ensuring that the latest approved version is the only one accessible.  

Constantly Updated Platform: The dynamic compliance environment of food safety operations is ever-changing. Safefood 360 does the work for you and continuously monitors and updates its platform to stay aligned with global standards.  

Dashboards and One-Click Reports: We provide an embedded self-service/dashboard report development tool that allows for full business intelligence capabilities with your users. You can extract, analyze and report on your data in the way that best suits your organization.  

World-Class Compliance Workflows: Since we continuously monitor global standards, including BRCGS, we are able to interpret the standards and craft best practice workflows to match requirements in our software. Every time you log into Safefood 360, you can rest assured that your processes re up to date and always aligned with global standards.