confidential reporting

In January, we launched Confidential Reporting, a global reporting system for reporting problems and audit issues, to further strengthen our compliance and supplier assurance offering. We now offer suppliers, brands and certification bodies access to a Whistleblowing System. This system captures internal feedback from anyone in the organisation, anonymously where preferred, that can highlight emerging issues that could impact many areas of compliance. To support the launch, we published a white paper to provide guidance on how to set up an effective whistleblowing system. Given the importance of food safety and its associated impact on consumer trust, an effective whistleblowing system is clearly an important investment. The paper provides a simple four-step guide.

BRCGS also has internal reporting system called TellBRCGS, in order to support Compliance program. Any site, who is not satisfied with an audit or has any other issue with the Certification Body,can contact with the BRCGS and inform about the problem, which will be investigated by our Compliance team.