Check the pulse of your ethical practices and future-proof your business. 

In the modern global marketplace, manufacturers play a pivotal role in driving economic growth, innovation, and progress. With this influence comes a responsibility to uphold ethical standards and principles in all facets of operations, from supply chain management to employee relations and governance practices. An ethical management system serves as the cornerstone for guiding these practices, ensuring that companies operate with integrity, transparency, and accountability.​

The BRCGS Ethical Appraisal Tool provides a framework to undertake a comprehensive evaluation of your ethical operations and management practices. It provides a snapshot of the overall 'health' of your business in relation to ethical practices, sustainability and social compliance. 

With more and more regulation emerging around the world, this tool will help you to prepare and ensure your business to ready to meet the challenge.


The appraisal tool comes in two parts. The How to get the Best Results document is one part of the tool, which explains how to carry out an assessment and gives guidance on where to find the evidence to answer the questions in the report effectively and honestly. The Ethical Appraisal Report forms the second part of the tool and this provides the appraisal framework. 

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BRCGS certificated sites eligible for the service package can access this tool free through Participate