Risk Assessment

The Risk Assessment provides you with a “health check” of your ethical trade & responsible sourcing performance against the 5 Vital Signs that are drawn from the Global Standard; namely senior management commitment, corporate governance, fair treatment of workers, protection of worker rights and freedoms, and health and safety in the workplace. It will help you to understand where there may be ethical trade and responsible sourcing risks in your operation.

The Risk Assessment is not a social audit. If you want a full social audit then you are invited request one against the new Global Standard for Ethical Trade & Responsible Sourcing.

How does it work?

The Risk Assessment can be conducted by your Product Safety auditor who has completed our training.  The Risk Assessment takes 4 hours to complete and it can either be:

  • bolted onto your product safety audit. For example, if you have a food safety audit coming up, you can ask your certification body if they offer the Risk Assessment and they will ensure that your product safety auditor is qualified to deliver it, or
  • delivered as a stand-alone exercise by a qualified auditor


How will it help you?

No non-conformities, only opportunities to improve

Either way, you won’t be asked to close-out non-conformities. However, you will get a summary report that shows your percentage score against each Vital Sign (where you are performing well or where you may need to improve) and your Star Rating. Then it’s up to you to make improvements.

It can help to reassure your customers

There are several ways that the Risk Assessment can be used to reassure your customer – those worried brands and retailers – that you’re acting to identify, manage and reduce your ethical trade & responsible sourcing risks, even if you located in a ‘low risk’ economy where workers rights are protected.

It can improve your own business

You may find that the Risk Assessment is a useful tool because it’ll help you to look at your business and its operations in a different way, allowing you to identify improvements, as well as risks. It can also help you better engage with your staff. If your staff feel like you’re listening to them and working with them to make things better, then you are likely to have a happier and more productive workforce who feel like they are valued.



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If you have queries about the Risk Assessment module, the BRCGS Technical team are here to help. Please contact us and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.