How to get a Food Safety Certificate

Getting the benefits of the Food Safety Global Standard is a simple process. We have outlined how to get a food safety certificate below, with the steps you need to take. Remember, if you need help along the way, you can contact us here.

Step 1:

Download the Standard and the Interpretation guidelines from the Store, which you will need as you move through the steps to getting BRCGS Certified.

Step 2:

Our pre-sales support team are here to talk to you should you need help or guidance, whether it's navigating the site or if you need more information.

Step 3:

Learn about the scope, requirements of the standard, as well as the auditor’s perspective by attending training in a format that suits you and your team.

Step 4:

Download the self-assessment tool from our Help and Guidance page and measure your operation against the requirements of the Standard to help prepare you for your certification audit

Step 5:

Choose a BRCGS registered Certification Body from the Directory to perform the audit of your operation and register you as BRCGS Certified