We publish a range of guidelines and reports to help to increase your understanding of the BRC Global Standards certification scheme


BRC Global Standards publish a series of publications, white papers and supplementary guidelines to aid the understanding of the BRC Global Standards certification scheme. These publications provide detailed information and analysis making the exchange of technical knowledge possible, with integrity, accuracy, the highest quality and the greatest impact.

brc global standards publications

  • Quick guide for Global Standards

    Learn why to choose BRCGS and how to get certificated.
  • BRCGS Compliance Report 2019

    BRCGS achieving excellence through our comprehensive
    compliance activity programme
  • BRC Global Standards Corporate Brochure

    Find out more about BRC Global Standards.
  • BRC Global Standards Compliance Report 2018

    BRC Global Standards' compliance activities are comprehensive and the number one priority for our business.
  • BRC Global Standards Compliance Report 2017

    The report is driven by our commitment to create more secure supply chains worldwide.
  • Best-Practice Lubrication

    An introduction to best-practice lubrication procedures in the food industry.
  • BRC Global Standards/TAG FSMA Comparison Report

    BRC Global Standard for Food Safety preventive controls for human food rule comparison.
  • Food Safety - a global view

    'Food Safety - a global view' is all about measurement, review and assessment.
  • Study of BRC Global Standards Unannounced Audits

    The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety voluntary unannounced audit survey.
  • BRC Global Standards Compliance Report 2016

    The BRC Global Standards are characterised by their international reach and rigorous auditing processes.
  • Guide to lighting best practice

    A guideline to ensure adequate lighting throughout the site.

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