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We publish a series of publications, white papers and supplementary guidelines to aid the understanding of the BRCGS certification scheme.

These publications provide detailed information and analysis making the exchange of technical knowledge possible, with integrity, accuracy, the highest quality and the greatest impact.

Use of BRCGS intellectual property

Information on how you can use BRCGS Standards, guidance and published content can be found here. You can also find a list of answers to common questions on how BRCGS content can be used here.

BRCGS Publications

  • BRCGS Annual Business Report 2023-24

    BRCGS certification has continued to build assurance and confidence in the supply chain, strengthening its position as the global market leader across both food and non-food categories.
  • BRCGS Certification - Delivering Improved Regulatory Compliance

    Based on data from the Dutch Food Safety Regulator, this report demonstrates how sites with BRCGS certification perform better that those without certification.
  • Compliance Programme Report 2022

    Achieving excellence through our comprehensive compliance activity programme.
  • The Economic Impact for Manufacturing Sites operating to BRCGS Certification

    Independent Research carried out by the University of Birkbeck exploring the commercial, operational and innovative benefits of BRCGS certification.
  • A Review of Certification and its impact on Regulatory Intervention

    Independent report on how 3rd party regulation supports improved regulatory compliance.
  • BRCGS Compliance Report 2021

    Learn about the work we do each year to ensure that we continue to deliver results that brands can trust
  • BRCGS Corporate Brochure

    Find out more about BRCGS and our full range of Global Standards and digital products.
  • Compliance Programme Report 2020

    This report updates you on the developments of the past year and more, as part of our commitment to promote a culture of transparency, communication and feedback.
  • Quick guide for Global Standards

    Learn why to choose BRCGS and how to get certificated.
  • Study of BRCGS Unannounced Audits

    The BRCGS Global Standard for Food Safety voluntary unannounced audit survey.