Gluten-Free Certification Program

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Presently, there is no cure for persons suffering from celiac/coeliac disease or non-celiac/coeliac gluten sensitivity or intolerance, nor is there any on the horizon. The only mitigation or treatment is a strict gluten-free diet since more recent science indicates that mere avoidance of gluten for these persons is not enough. Only a STRICT gluten-free diet is acceptable.

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If you are exploring the world of certification, you may have a solution for this demographic and are looking for guidance on how to produce authentic and reliable Gluten-Free products.

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Brand owners

Your innovation with our experience 

If you have a Gluten-Free product that you would like produced on a certified site- we can help you find suppliers that have a specialized food safety management system that ensures safe and authentic Gluten-Free production.





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If you are a supplier that is looking to support your customers' needs by offering dedicated Gluten-Free production solutions, we can guide you to developing a rigorous Food Safety Management System and provide you a unique offering compared to your competitors.