BRCGS Professional

A BRCGS learning programme

About the Programme

BRCGS Professional is a learning programme which will give you international recognition for the key skills and knowledge essential for product safety management.

Available exclusively to those who work at a BRCGS certificated site, this programme has been designed by our Technical team in response to demands from industry for training on the skills necessary to implement effective product safety management.

Whether you are an individual who would like to increase your knowledge, or you are running a technical team and interested in professional development and talent management, BRCGS Professional is a pathway to demonstrate your expertise.

  • Why become a BRCGS Professional?


    As a BRCGS Professional you will be well-equipped to manage any Standard in your business – including those recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) – and able to implement or manage product safety systems.

    BRCGS is respected for quality and brand protection assurance, and is the leading provider of GFSI-recognised Standards globally.

    This training programme has been designed by the BRCGS Technical team in response to demands from industry for training on the skills necessary to implement effective product safety management.

    BRCGS Professional from BRCGS on Vimeo.

    Gaining certification as a BRCGS Professional will:

    - Enhance your understanding of product safety management;

    - Enable you to apply skills to reduce risks associated with product safety;

    - Enable you to contribute as part of the brand protection team your company needs; and

    - Raise your status as a valuable employee.

  • Who is it for?


    All technical and product safety personnel who are employed at a BRCGS certificated site. The courses are subject-specific, train the core skills needed for any product safety individual, and will also help with maintaining any GFSI-recognised certification scheme.

    If you're unsure if you're employed at a certificated site, please contact us and we can help you.

  • How long does it take?


    The total programme would take 8-9 days to complete, however courses can be completed in any order, and at times and dates to suit over the course of the year.

  • Course requirements


    Which courses are included in the BRCGS Professional programme?

    Download our BRCGS Professional factsheet in English, Mandarin, Italian or Spanish for information about the courses required to be completed in order to attain recognition as a BRCGS Professional.

    Find upcoming courses or find an ATP in your country.

    When registering for your course, it is essential to ensure your trainer is a BRCGS Approved Training Partner (ATP), as only BRCGS Academy courses will be accepted for this programme (with the exception of HACCP, HARA, HARPC, and FSPCA PCQI/FSMA courses).

  • What is included in my enrolment?

    • Registration of all your completed courses;
    • Your open badge;
    • Certification of all successful course completions;
    • Access to exclusive webinars run by the BRCGS Technical team; and
    • A regular newsletter.

    Course fees are additional and will vary depending on your provider.

  • How can I enrol?


    Email us at Please include the following in your e-mail:

    • Name
    • Contact details
    • Employer
    • BRCGS site code
  • What happens after I complete the programme?


    Once you’ve completed the required courses you will be awarded a BRCGS Professional certificate and digital open badge.

    You will then commence on the Professional Progress Programme (PPP), which enables you to maintain your BRCGS Professional status beyond its expiry.

    For more information on the Professional Progress Programme, please click here.

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