BRCGS announces changes to its Gluten-Free certification offering

AOECS Gluten Free additional module extended

We are continuing to work closely with AOECS on a process to enable sites currently audited to the additional module 12 to transition to the full BRCGS Accredited Gluten Free Certification Program.

In order to allow a smooth transition and in particular to enable sites to become familiar with the Gluten Free Certification Program we will be extending the period where sites can continue to use additional module 12 from the 1 August 2020 to the 31 December 2020, after which time the module will be withdrawn.

This will also provide the opportunity for CBs providing the additional Module 12 to register for the GFCP and for any remaining auditors of registered CBs to take the online auditor training.

The BRCGS Gluten Free Certification Program audits can be provided as an addition to the BRCGS Food Safety audit or any of the GFSI recognised certification programs.

If you are currently not registered for this program but would like to do so, please refer to our website for details or contact