Packaging Materials Issue 6

Managing product safety post Covid-19

As businesses return and travel restrictions are lifted full audits will be commencing against Packaging Materials Standard issue 6.

A guidance document is being produced to complement the BRCGS Packaging Materials Standard Issue 6.

It is intended to help managers fine tune their product safety management systems to cope with the enhanced activities around hygiene, environmental monitoring and resource management that the packaging and consumer products industry now faces.

It will be published and uploaded to the resource centre on the BRCGS website in the section for Resuming Operations Post-Covid-19. 

Borderline Products for Food Service

It is recognised that there are sites that manufacture packaging products that can be used for food service or purchased at retail by the end consumer. Therefore, such products can be described as both packaging and consumer products. For these types of products, the manufacturing material or technologies are the same. Examples include single use plates, cups, lids, napkins, and cutlery.

A guidance document is being produced to build in more flexibility and enable where applicable:

  • compliance with specific customer requirements e.g. for GFSI recognised certification
  • reduction in audit and certification costs for sites by certification to a single, rather than multiple Standards
  • certification to a Standard which provides a valid assurance of consumer protection and legality
  • accreditation of the certification process
  • appropriate auditor competence criteria to undertake the assessment process effectively.


The guidance document will be published shortly.