Partnered Celiac/Coeliac Associations


The Gluten-Free Certification Program serves a great purpose: to produce safe and authentic gluten-free foods. We have partnerships across the globe with celiac/coeliac associations that search for reliable brands to support those with celiac/coeliac disease.

As a certified site in our program, your customers can use the gluten-free trademark from BRCGS and the trademarks from our partnered associations upon certification. This will help with brand recognition as consumers recognize and trust the marks from these national associations. This endorsement can strengthen your brand's reputation as being a reliable product for these marks indicate the successful completion of gluten-free certification. All trademarks are unique and many are recognized globally, but you can specify a particular region if you want to focus on a geographical target market.

What is the BRCGS trademark?

Like our partnered associations, BRCGS has developed a consumer-facing trademark that symbolizes the successful completion of the Gluten-Free Certification Program. This badge of honour supports easy label-checking for those who need gluten-free foods. Our trademark is recognized across the globe and can be paired with any of our partnered associations.

Celiac/Coeliac Associations




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