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Intact is trusted across standards and business types. Our software is used to power audits, certification, accreditation, and standards on every continent. Since 2001, we have helped our customers grow their businesses and generate higher profits by streamlining processes and boosting efficiency. We drive innovation and help our customers stay ahead of the curve and expand their success and services.

Whether you are a local hero or a global player, we drive your efficiency, profitability, and integrity.

Intact Platform: powers audits and certification on every continent with standardization, innovation, and increased efficiency. Easily master onsite, blended, and remote audits, secure your accreditation, and offer additional services to open new revenue streams.

Intact Analytics: AI-powered analytics and decision support system offering clear dashboards with key metrics and automatic identification of anomalies, risk factors, and root causes. Find the information you need without even searching. Improve your audit performance and efficiency, and offer new, data-based services.

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