Detectamet Detectable Products

Detectamet, best known for their metal detectable products, are delighted to launch their range of new blue metal detectable disposable nitrile gloves. These gloves are latex-free, powder-free, and EU and FFDCA food-contact approved – perfect for food handling in processing environments. Manufactured from 100% metal detectable nitrile, any part of the glove can be detected by detection inspection systems. Being blue in colour, these gloves are easily distinguishable in a food processing environment. They’re ambidextrous for quick selection, and available in three sizes.

Detectamet CEO Sean Smith is proud of their latest product launch, adding: “thanks to Detectamet’s five locations: UK, Germany, USA, Canada and Australia – the global distribution of this product to our customers will happen very quickly. We’ve had requests for a detectable disposable nitrile glove for a number of years, so we’re delighted to finally launch this range after significant investment in the research and development of this product. It’s fitting product to launch a new, statement product on the 20th anniversary for Detectamet, and we know our customers will benefit from the far superior durability and tear-resistance that this new metal detectable nitrile material provides”.

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