Xact Control

Xact Control – a game-changing approach to productivity. Designed to unlock your manufacturing efficiency, improve your operations and ensure BRCGS traceability.

Xact Control has been specifically developed to help a client with BRCGS and customer compliance. Xact Control is a software package which sits between a client’s ERP (or similar) system and shopfloor machinery. It takes data from the ERP system and automatically sets up and controls machinery in production, print, and packaging lines, performing validation and rejection. This ensures printing, labelling and packing is completed correctly, every time!


Key Features:

  • Automates machine setup, eliminating human interaction and introducing increased efficiency to a client’s operations.
  • Autocoding, which automates the application of vital product information such as batch numbers, expiry dates, barcodes and more.
  • A paperless dynamic checklist system empowers operators to confirm essential details before a production run is started.
  • User-configurable paperless report generation with cloud-based captured data to support BRCGS and code of conduct compliance.
  • User permission levels, supporting a client’s traceability and quality control processes.
  • A job dashboard that presents live data on crucial metrics such as speed, production status, OEE, efficiency and throughput.
  • A catalogue of plug-n-play modules for quick setup and integration with production equipment.

Xact Control is a part of The Xact Group who have been in the coding, marking and packing industry over 40 years.


Contact details:

Tel: +44 (0)151 479 3020

Email: info@xactcontrol.co.uk

Website: www.xactcontrol.co.uk

20-24 Gibraltar Row,
King Edward Industrial Estate,
Liverpool, L3 7HJ