Chengde Flexible Packaging

Go Green With Eco Packaging

Chengde have focused on fl­exible packaging since 1999, and is now a leader in Mono polymer recyclable packaging.

Chengde is one of “China's Functional Polyethylene Flexible Packaging R&D Center” and has more than 100 patents, issued and implemented "self-standing ziplock bag", Polyamide, polyethylene composite liquid packaging film and bag standards. The company was horned as “China's Top 10 Innovative Packaging Industry”.

The company is ISO 9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, ISO22000, ISO50001, BRCGS, BSCI, GMI certified, strictly follows HACCP for production management, and is the authorized packaging supplier of global companies such as Nestle, Pepsi, Hershey’s, Starbucks, etc.

With both digital printing and gravure printing, Chengde is flexible on the order size and has a short lead time, helping brands to be flexible to address new go-to-market opportunities with innovative packaging!

Chengde adheres to sustainable development and is committed to becoming the most competitive enterprise in the industry, providing customers with the most valuable packaging materials and services.

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Address: No.888-1088 Shiji Ave., Longgang City, Zhejiang Province, China 325802

Tel: +86 26868061